Dakar, 8 April 2021: GLOBE Senegal signs MOU with the National Great Green Wall Agency

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On Monday 8 April the signing ceremony of a partnership agreement between the Senegalese Agency for Reforestation and the Great Green Wall (ASERGMV) and GLOBE Senegal was held, in the presence of Colonel Mame Gogo BANEL NDIAYE as representative of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Senegal (MEDD) in her capacity as 1st Technical Advisor of the MEDD. The news was included in the evening news on national television.

Le président SALL était interviewé à propos de l'engagement parlementaire avec la Grande Muraille Verte dans le cadre du projet
President SALL was interviewed concerning the role of legislators as champions of the Great Green Wall

At the beginning of the meeting, the Director General of ASERGVM, Mr. Haidar EL Ali, welcomed the strong delegation of parliamentarians, led by the Deputy President of the network, the Honourable Ibrahima Baba SALL. Welcoming the readiness of the parliamentarians to accompany the agency in the mission entrusted to it by His Excellency the President of the Republic Macky Sall, to green up Senegal, the Director General of ASERGMV, reaffirmed his commitment to respond at any time and to any request in the direction of the accomplishment of his mission.

Then the Honourable Ibrahima Baba SALL took the floor to first of all magnify the ceremony and welcome the appointment of Mr EL Ali to head the agency.

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Also, Deputy SALL committed the network to play its part fully in order to contribute to the improvement of environmental governance, through the development of parliamentary cooperation and advocacy with governments. He reiterated that GLOBE Senegal network is committed to providing political support for the allocation of resources and the definition of a legal framework necessary for the smooth running of the Agency's planned activities.

Finally, Colonel Mame Gogo BANEL NDIAYE, on behalf of the Minister of Environment, in prelude to the signing session, welcomed the partnership sealed between ASERGMV and GLOBE Senegal, not without recalling that this convention is in line with the materialisation of the third objective of the GLOBE project financed by GEF6 via UNEP, and that the related results would constitute a fine contribution of parliamentarians to the governance of the Great Green Wall.

The event closed with the signing and initialling of the Partnership Agreement document between the ASERGMV represented by Mr. Haidar EL Ali, its Director General and GLOBE Senegal, represented by its President, Honourable Ibrahima Baba SALL.