Dakar, 30 November: High-Level Launch of Project Research


GLOBE Senegal hosted a press conference jointly with the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) to raise awareness of the recommendations of the three studies commissioned by GLOBE, prepared by Senegalese consultants and peer-reviewed by international experts on REDD+, environmental economic accounting and the Great Green Wall with the support of GEF and the UN Environment Programme.

sallThe opening was chaired by Ibrahima Baba SALL, President of GLOBE Senegal, in the presence of members of the project Steering Committee and implementation partners, including a representative of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Senegalese Agency for Reforestation and the Great Green Wall, and the Directorate of Environment and Listed Establishments.

From the analysis of the presentations made by the President of GLOBE Senegal and the Chair of the Steering Committee, Colonel Gogo Banel, enhancing environmental governance requires strengthening the influence of elected officials on policies, at all geographic and institutional levels, on the advancement of the Great Green Wall, the REDD+ mechanism for financing forest conservation and afforestation, and the implementation of environmental economic accounting as a decision-making tool.

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They noted that the participation of parliamentarians through various contributions since the start of the GLOBE project has given a new vision of their status and roles, particularly in the area of improving governance in the areas covered by the aforementioned studies. Convinced of the timeliness and commitment of stakeholders in the implementation of the sustainable development vision, recommendations were made to encourage the Ministries that are already actively collaborating with the MEDD.

pressREDD+ Recommendations:

  • The parliamentarians called on the MEDD to endorse the REDD+ accession process and to support the DEFCCS in reforestation with a focus on the role of forests in mitigating the harmful effects of climate change (Paris Climate Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity);
  • They called on the State to integrate REDD+ into policies and strategies to fight climate change;
  • They invited the MEDD to financially and technically support local authorities in the implementation of their policies on the development and management of forests on the Great Green Wall;
  • They insisted on the establishment of a national platform for exchanges and consultations on REDD+. 

Great Green Wall Recommendations:

  • An invitation was made to private investors to integrate the climate change dimension in their policies and development plans in favor of the Great Green Wall; and a call to the international community to support initiatives aimed at the reforestation of the Great Green Wall; 
  • The MEDD through the ASERGMV must promote an integrated policy in the field of climate change through the GGW; 
  • The implementation of policies favorable to the development of renewable energies and to support local authorities; 

Environmental Economic Accounting Recommendations:

  • The parliamentarians invite environmental actors to improve knowledge on the state of conservation and ecosystems for sustainable development; 
  • They call for the strengthening of scientific and technical capacities, particularly for a better knowledge of environmental accounts; 
  • The parliamentarians invited the MEDD to draw inspiration from other countries to promote the integration of Environmental Economic Accounting in the legislative and regulatory frameworks.


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