Abuja, 28/09/2022: President Buhari Inaugurates National Council on Climate Change


The National Council on Climate Change was inaugurated yesterday, by Nigeria’s President Buhari. The Council, comprising of cross-sectoral Ministers, representatives of youth groups, representatives of women groups, representatives of PLwD, sub-regional heads, was a critical part of GLOBE's recommendations during the preparation of the Climate Change Act.

Nigeria’s high-level National Council on Climate Change has been inaugurated by President Muhammadu Buhari. The inauguration took place at the Banquet Hall of the country’s State House (Aso Rock) in Abuja. According to President Buhari, the “inauguration marks the commencement of the implementation of the Climate Change Act 2021.”

The Climate Change Act 2021, a result of intense work and politicking by GLOBE Nigeria, was sponsored by the Vice President (Africa) of GLOBE International, and President of GLOBE Nigeria, Rep. Sam Onuigbo.

Nigeria’s Climate Change Act 2021 provides legal backing for the country’s efforts towards attaining net zero, green economy, and multisectoral actions and funding for REDD+ and Natural Capital Accounting.

The high-level council will be chaired by the President, with the Vice President as the Vice Chairman. Other members are: the Minister responsible for Environment; the Minister responsible for Petroleum Resources; the Minister responsible for Budget and National Planning; the Minister of Justice; the Minister responsible for Mines and Steel Development; the Minister of Finance; the Minister responsible for Agriculture and Rural Development; the Minister responsible for Power; the Minister responsible for Women Affairs; the Minister responsible for Transportation; the Minister responsible for Water Resources; the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria; National Security Adviser; the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum; President of Association of Local Government of Nigeria; a representative of the private sector on climate change or environment related matters, nominated by the most representative registered national umbrella association; a representative of women, youths, and persons with disabilities, each to be nominated by the most representative registered national umbrella association; a representative of environment-related Civil Society Organizations (CSO) appointed by the President, on the recommendation of the Minister responsible for Environment; and the Director-General of the National Council on Climate Change, who shall be the Secretary.

GLOBE had prioritised the enactment of a robust Climate Change law as part of its GEF6 project with the belief that legal frameworks offer enduring solutions to the issues of climate change, biodiversity governance, and land restoration.

You can access the President's Press Release to that effect here: https://bit.ly/3LQamyU