Dakar, 5/11/19: GLOBE Senegal MPs Review the 2020 Budget in Committee

GLOBE Senegal MPs Review the 2020 Finance Act with Minister

GLOBE Senegal MPs seized the opportunity to question the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Hon. Abdou Karime SALL, at the Finance and Budgetary Control Committee, extended to the Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition Committee, on November 5th.

As the Technical Committee examined the draft budget of the Ministry of the Environment and Development, GLOBE Senegal MPs Aboubakry NGAIDE, Demba Babael SOW and Léopold Yancouba COLY took the opportunity to question the Minister on issues regarding REDD+ and forest management, the GGWI and environmental economic accounting including:

  • Plans to implement environmental economic accounting as a tool to inform decision-making
  • The implementation of technical tools necessary for REDD+ certification by the National Agency of the Great Green Wall
  • Financial and institutional mechanisms necessary to support the agro-forestry development of local authorities under the Great Green Wall
  • Budget lines that allow capacity-building for the administration of Water, Forests, Hunting and Soil Conservation towards the sustainable management of wood resources
  • PES initiatives implemented under the cover of REDD+
  • Incentives for carbon valuation through reforestation

Minister Abdou Karime SALL welcomed the questions and committed to deliver prompt written responses to the Members.