Edo-Pascal Mulangu Kalala

Edo-Pascal Mulangu Kalala - Communications Officer
Communications Officer

Journalist by training, since 2004 Edo-Pascal holds a Master's degree in Information and Communication Sciences, with a specialisation in Journalism, from the Faculty of Letters and Humanities of the University of Kinshasa.

A seasoned writer, he has practiced the profession of journalist since his university days, where he founded and directed the student newspaper "Les Lettres d'Or", most of whose content was devoted to the environment, and more specifically to raise awareness against unsanitary conditions on campus.

His love of the environment has led him to focus most of his reporting to this field in the different Kinshasa-based media where he has worked.

Edo-Pascal is the founder of the non-profit organisation 'Synergie pour l'Environnement Sain pour Tous', SEST, targeting people who are vulnerable to not only living in poverty, but also in a state of vulnerability, and raising awareness about the need for the participation of every human being in the conservation and protection of nature through information and training adapted to the needs of the different categories of public. SEST also has the vocation to disseminate information and strategic alerts among environmental decision-makers, to encourage them to take a more active role in robust environmental decision-making.

Edo-Pascal MULANGU KALALA worked for the Congolese Olympic Committee (COC), as an Assistant and Communications Officer to the President, the Honourable Jean BEYA-wa-KABENGA, from 2008 to 2010, and at the National Assembly, as a parliamentary assistant, from 2006 to date.